At any time, the Customer may refuse the selected services and return unspent funds to its billing account. The amount is calculated on the date of the cancellation of the services.

For all services, the refund is made on request made by the Customer to the e-mail address, taking into account the incurred costs from

The withdrawal of funds from the account is made only upon application from the Customer made to the e-mail address, to the account / electronic purse / bank card from which the payment was made.

Refunds from the billing balance are possible no later than 15 days from the date of payment. After that period refunds are made only for the periods that are left unused. The minimum period for the service (excluding domain registration and renewal services) is one month. Refunds are made in multiples of the monthly cost of using the service, excluding discounts and bonuses. There are no refunds for the domain registration/renewal service.

Refund after Customer application can take up to 14 days plus period that depends on payment system.

The amount of refunds will not include bonuses from the Contractor’s company. All payment system commissions for refunds are withheld from the refund.

Refund for the Domain registration service and IPv4/IPv6 network lease is not available.

If there are judicial or other acts from the state authorities regarding the services of the Customer concerning non-compliance with legislation, the Contractor has the right to block the services of the Customer without the right to refund.

In the event of Complaints (Abuses) about the Customer's services from specialized organizations, representatives for copyright and other related rights, complaints from organizations for the protection of trademarks (brands), complaints about the organization of spam mailings, illegal software placement (without the permission of the copyright holder), placement malware, posting informational articles about hacking, posting hacking software, posting pornographic materials, as well as any other actions of the Customer that may qualify as illegal or inflicting, or that may cause damage to the Contractor, the Contractor has the right to block the Customer's services without the right to refund.

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